VMworld Party Copenhagen 2011 – What’s Hot & What’s Not

I heard a lot of different visions on the quality of the party of this years VMworld in Copenhagen. It seems that depending on where you were at the party, the quality differed a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

I have been shooting some pictures along the dancefloor just in front of the stage… And it rocked!

Whats Hot, Whats Not

A picture says a thousand words. Or in this case, two pictures:

Whats Hot......And Whats Not!     Whats Hot…                                                                           …And VMware, really??? What’s Not.

Clearly, there were “some” differentiators this year round… Catching ducks in a pond without shotguns… VMware, REALLY???

Not too Hot: Near the entrance of Altitude City

When entering Daft Punk Tron Legacy (End of Line) was echoing through the misty (cloudy ๐Ÿ™‚ ) entrance. After having heard the same song looping for around 5 times, I kind of got bored with it :S

Right after entering you could do several things. Like playing vintage video games:

Vintage video games at Altitude City during the VMworld 2011 Copenhagen party

Moving along further to the back, you’d be passing some nice food:

Food at the VMworld Party Copenhagen 2011

…and some more activities for those feeling lucky:

For those feeling luckyFor those feeling lucky

Feeling like a Crashtest dummy? Then you could try your luck here:

Crashtest Dummies!

What’s Hotter

So on to my favorite part: What’s Hot! There were two performing artists at the party this night: “The Copenhagen Drummers” and “Showtime”.

The Copenhngen Drummers are a group drumming on anything they can find (ranging from themselves to trashcans to actual drums). With a BlueMan Group-like imitation they actually got plenty of people rockin’ :

The Copenhagen Drummers on stageSome more Copenhagen Drummers

Copenhagen Drummers Final Act

Inbetween shows some guys on skateboards made sure there was some room left in front of he stage by performing some skateboard-tricks:

Skateboarding tricks at the VMworld Party 2011 Copenhagen


Then Showtime took the stage. They covered some classics and really got the crowd moving!

Showtime on stageLead singer of ShowtimeAnother shot from the Lead singer of Showtime

Guitarist of ShowtimeShowtimeGuitarist of Showtime

Not being a videographer I made a HD-video anyway. Yes the sound is crappy. Here is the video anyway:

Showtime Rockin’ at the VMworld party in Copenhagen 2011

Rock…Rock… ROCK!!

Then the party really took off! These are some of the more incriminating shots taken at the dancefloor:

Virtual Swede!!

And they say Geeks Can’t Rock It. Great party guys and gals! In case you want to see more pictures from this party, please visit the full album at VMworld party Copenhagen 2011. For full sized-pictures, please contact me at: erik at vmdamentals.com.

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