Cool videos on Technology, Virtualization and Storage

More and more cool videos are getting round that explain certain things around virtualization, cloud computing and storage better and better. I thought I’d sum up my personal favorites in a blogpost.

Older stuff: The Internet

A very old but still fun to watch is “Warriors of the Net”. This video explains how the internet works. Things like packets, firewalls and routers are explained here:

Warriors of the Net – The Internet explained.

The Cloud

More and more stories on Cloud Computing every day. We’ve heard the story before, but this time it’s for real 🙂

So want to know more on what this Cloud Computing is all about? Check out these videos:

How NOT to get your datacenter into the cloud
This video clearly demonstrates how you could try and get your datacenter into the Cloud. Disclaimer: Do NOT try this at home:

A Better Way to Cloud Computing video by VMware and Intel

Cloud explained by VMware (2010)
This video is particularly cool if you know the movie “the Matrix” (and every geek should). It was shown at the VMworld 2010 keynote:

VMware “Cloud” Opening for VMworld 2010

End User Computing

Up next is End User Computing. What’s it about? Things like self-provisioning, bring-your-own-device…?? This video was made during Steve Harrod’s VMworld 2011 keynote. It is a cool (and sometimes funny) demo to show what it’s all about:

VMware End User Computing Demo during Steve Herrods keynote at VMworld 2011

Big Data

What is this “Big Data” thing? What can you do with it? Why do we need it? These questions get answered in the next video demo by Chad Sakac and Pat Gelsinger. This was performed at Oracle Open World 2011 in the EMC keynote there. How did EMC ever pull this off, right inside the holy realm of Oracle? Too cool. I couldn’t find this demo on its own, so I manually cut it from the larger keynote video (which can be found here):

EMC Big Data Demo by Pat Gelsinger and Chad Sakac during the EMC keynote at Oracle Open World 2011

Chad’s World – Always new coolness

The final video I would like to show you is a short version of episode 9 of Chad’s World. This crazy show is a remake on the original Wayne’s World movies and offers a fun and geeky way to look at cool new technology from EMC:

Chad’s World – Episode 9 short video

If you want to see the full sized episodes of Chad’s World, visit the homepage here!

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