Presenting at the Dutch VMUG 2010!

This year the dutch VMUG event (see is surely going to be a great success. Again! For the first time I’ll be there as a blogger. Even better, last week I had a nice discussion with someone at IBM. They welcomed me to deliver 20-30 minutes of their presentation at the VMUG2010 event!

So be sure to visit the VMUG 2010 event, and especially the 15:50 – 16:50 session “Van Virtualisatie tot Cloud Computing: portfolio en praktijk” because I’ll be presenting there, and it is going to be really interesting too!

Tip of the iceberg

Tip of the iceberg in graphics….

What is cooler than 3D vscsiStats? Right, ROTATING 3D vscsiStats!
What is possibly cooler than 3D surface charts of vscsiStats output?
Indeed, ROTATING 3D surface charts of vscsiStats output!
Why would you ever…? -> Because you CAN!
(and it should actually help clarify too)

… And in text:

Basically I was asked to share some real life experience with a VMware environment. So I’ll be touching briefly on the IBM environment we have and the stuff we do together with IBM and the company I currently work for, iTricity.

Then, on the really cool stuff! As the VMware community is slowly concluding that VMware View deployments need more care on the requirements and scaling of storage (like in the “deep impact” session which runs in parallel to mine). But ey, I’m beyond that point: That is “soooo Q1”!

A much more interesting question would be:

“What should the optimal VMware-View-with-Linked-Cloning storage box look like.”

In the session I’ll be thinking up an ultimate storage box for deployments like these. And as it so happens, IBM might have the answer to just that…

Be sure to join!

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