VMmark 2.0 released, but where is the ViewTile?

VMware’s VMmark (I have also read the name being VMark though?) has been around for a long time. It is software which creates “tiles” of workload on a physical server using several virtual machine workloads. It then adds tiles to the hardware platform, until its resources run out. Now version 2.0 is out!

VMmark delivers a “score” as in a number of tiles a certain platform is able to deliver. Now VMmark 2.0 is out (see VMware VMmark 2.0. In version 2.0, a total virtualization PLATFORM can be measured instead of just a single physical server, including things like multiple hosts in a cluster, load balancing and underlying storage etc!

This is a great step ahead, as soon I can get my hands on a decent testing platform I’ll get to this piece of software.

Still, I must say am very much missing one thing, which I think would have been the greatest thing. With the now popular VMware View Linked Cloning technology and its bigger “hunger” for IOPS and especially WOPS, I would have LOVED to see not a server workload tile, but also a virtual desktop (linked clones!) tile.

Way back in April 2009 I posted “Resistance is ViewTile!” asking for just that: A tile that simulates virtual desktop workloads (I knew something was coming in the storage PERFORMANCE field!). Shame VMware has not picked up on this in VMmark 2.0. Now that multiple hosts and especially underlying storage is covered, adding the “ViewTile” would have been a really great thing in my opinion.

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