Best of 2011 posts

At the very end of 2011, I decided to post my top 10 posts over the year 2011:

  1. RAID5 DeepDive and Full-Stripe Nerdvana
  2. “If only we could still get 36GB disks for speed”
  3. VM performance troubleshooting: A quick list of things to check
  4. Cool videos on Technology, Virtualization and Storage
  5. Different Routes to the same Storage Challenge
  6. Under the covers with Miss Alignment: Full-stripe writes
  7. VMworld Party Copenhagen 2011 – What’s Hot & What’s Not
  8. Whiteboxing part 1: Deciding on your ultimate ESX Whitebox
  9. Whiteboxing part 2: Building the ultimate Whitebox
  10. Veeam Backup part 2- Using jumbo frames to target storage

My view on things

For me personally, 2011 has been a crazy year. Getting one’s head around being a vSpecialist working for EMC, the world leader in the storage and virtualization segment is not an easy task. Now that I’m settling down in this new function I hope to have some more time to do cool technical deepdive stuff in 2012.

Both EMC and VMware have a very similar vision where things are going. And if the biggest storage vendor and the biggest virtualization vendor have a joint vision… I think you understand where we will all be going next year….

To the Cloud or Bust!

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Soon to come
  • Coming soon

    • Determining Linked Clone overhead
    • Designing the Future part1: Server-Storage fusion
    • Whiteboxing part 4: Networking your homelab
    • Deduplication: Great or greatly overrated?
    • Roads and routes
    • Stretching a VMware cluster and "sidedness"
    • Stretching VMware clusters - what noone tells you
    • VMware vSAN: What is it?
    • VMware snapshots explained
    • Whiteboxing part 3b: Using Nexenta for your homelab
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