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VMworld Bacelona 2014: Limits lifted, cool technology at your fingertips.

And we’re back at VMworld Barcelona! Overlooking the ever-crowded Hands-on labs I’m writing this piece. Crowded even on partner day. That can only be called a success and VMworld is still waking up! If you’re at VMworld Barcelona, be sure to stop by the HoL and play with all the new cool toys!

It will be interesting to see what VMware and partners have in store for us this time round. With EVO-RAIL getting a lot of attention, all hyperconverged startups better get ready to go above and beyond what I think will quickly become the “defacto standard” if they fail to hop on to the next level. Staying ahead is key if not vital to them, and I cannot wait what the various startups have come up with to secure their success for time to come.

Next to hyper-converged there is immense focus on cloud. The VMware Cloud solution is more and more becoming a complete solution to customers cloud needs. Add the EMC and Pivotal solutions into the mix, and we are finally getting where we have been promising to go: A digestible yet versatile well-run hybrid cloud. The journey to the cloud is still relevant, and the Software Defined DataCenter is the way to get there. With this complete solution (just look for EMC Hybrid Cloud or EHC) you can build scary things in extreme short amounts of time. I was involved in a Prove Of Concept for a large bank in the Netherlands where we constructed a fully functional and actually working EHC solution literally from scratch in just TWO WEEKS! Integrated with EMC storage, EMC Avamar backup and several third party vendors. All in two weeks. That should actually say it all…!

Finally I see a lot of focus on VDI and end-user computing. Awesome stuff, the VMware solutions around end-user computing have always been a strong proposal and they don’t seem to be slowing down. With the biggest issue in VDI still being (storage) performance, I encourage you to look at EMC’s XtremIO. XtremIO is not just any full-flash storage array, but it is designed very cleanly. Most important, where others stop at performance and maybe some cool storage services like dedupe, compression etc XtremIO is primed to go all the way into the SDDC. Don’t let your “super fast all-flash array” become the next silo in your datacenter! Ow by the way did I mention that the VMware Hands-on Labs are running on top of XtremIO again this year? The rate on which they spit out new VMs to support all of the sessions here… Just amazing.

We live in IT (Interesting Times).

Great VMworld TV and EMC Netherlands raffle!

It’s that time again. VMworld Barcelona is around the corner. And this time, VMworld TV and EMC Netherlands have a great raffle!

What can you win?

Possibly you can become immortal because VMworldTV might put you on video! What could be better than this??? And ow yeah, you can also win an Iomega IX2 NAS device šŸ™‚

Iomega IX-2 NAS device

How to participate

To participate, you have to do three things:

  1. Take a photograph of yourself at/in/under/on top of the EMC stand at VMworld Barcelona (stand D207 or DD2) and place it on the timeline of the facebook page of VMworldTV;
  2. Like VMworldTV’s facebook page;
  3. Like EMC Netherlands facebook page;

… And you’re IN! Best of luck to all!

VMworld 2012 Storage Nerdvana: vVols, vSAN and vFlash

Announced this year at VMworld 2012 (Watch the Monday general session from 51:26) were several cool technologies coming from VMware in the near future that focus on storage, or rather vStorage: Virtual Volumes (vVols), Virtual SAN (vSAN) and Virtual Flash (vFlash?). So what is this all about, and where is it going?

Virtual Volumes or vVols

How SAN and NAS systems work today, is something that they have been doing for years: Take a bunch of disks, stripe data across Read the rest of this entry »

VMworld 2012: Public voting for sessions started!

Another year of cool VMware stuff. Another year of cool VMworld sessions. Public voting has started!

This year I put in a session as well: session number 1659: “The importance of sizing storage correctly for VDI projects: Big impact, big results”

In this session I will be dealing with the load that VDI solutions generate. Then I will focus on how you can optimize storage Read the rest of this entry »

Dutch VMUGgers: Get your free shirt @VMWorld Copenhagen!

For the past few weeks EMC, VMware and the Dutch VMUG have been planning this: Free T-shirts for all dutch visitors of VMworld!

We printed 200 shirts, I think they came out very nice! I have the honor to show the first sneak-preview of the shirts:

Dutch VMUG t-Shirts for VMworld Copenhagen

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Looking back at VMworld 2011 Las Vegas

VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas has come to end. Once again it has been an epic event. I can’t believe how fast it was over. Was it worthwhile? Very much. Would I do it again? Definitely!

Panorama at the Moon club

View of “the Strip” as seen from Moon nightclub at the Palms which was the setting of the vGeekFest.

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VMworld’s Thursday keynote: How We Think

Todays keynote is not directly about new technology or cool things. Well actually it is about cool things. No bloggers tables today, no press. So, nothing new? Maybe not, but still an interesting blogpost I think.

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New stuff introduced at VMworld 2011

Today Paul Maritz is takes the stage for the VMworld 2011 general session in Las Vegas. In line with this years motto “Your Cloud. OWn IT” he laid out the direction things will be going according to VMware, starting today. This is definitely the bigger picture.


I must say that I’m a bit sad about the deep techie stuff becoming less and less visible on VMworld. But that is what is neccesary for the next phase in “IT life”. Ever seen a Star Trek movie where they needed to debug their wapr drive? Nope. As technology develops, the “simple things” just vanish into the background. The cloud is here.

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VMworld 2011 session voting is now open!

Every single year has been a treat when is comes to VMworld sessions you can attend. This year VMware takes it one step further: Now YOU can take a vote on what you want sessions you want to see.

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Long distance Vmotion a fact

Today was announced that long distance vmotion is now officially supported by VMware up to a distance of 200 kilometers. A team-up from Cisco, VMware and EMC did some tests, proving the posiblities. Long distance vmotion is basically the vmotioning between two remote datacenters, enabling follow the sun, follow the moon, or evacuating a datacenter anticipating on a soon-to-be-disaster (“theĀ tornado is coming”).

Of course some limitations apply.Ā  ThingsĀ like maximum latency of 5ms round trip and minimum bandwidth of 622 Mbits/sec apply, but still! LongĀ distance vmotionĀ is a fact, and I guess will soon be accepted as an enterprise solution just like normal vmotion has.

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