Place to be: EMC world 2011

This year another EMC world is surely going to rock the house once again. It’s party time again from May 9th to 12th in Las Vegas!

EMC world 2011

When will the fun EVER stop? 2011 is going to be a rocking year for EMC, full of groundbreaking records and very cool products. Ranging from security through backup to disaster recovery – All within EMCs balanced portfolio.

There will be a lot of very interesting things to do at EMC world 2011. Take a look at the session catalog here (requires login): EMC world 2011 Session Catalog.

From a virtualisation point of view, there will be many interesting things to do as well. One of my favorites has always been the hands-on labs. And at EMC world 2011 there will be plenty of that. Some of my favorites:

  • Test Drive EMC Avamar – Hands-on Workshop: Avamar is a great way of backing up your virtual environment. Be sure to check this one out!
  • VNXe – Hands-on Workshop: The VNXe is an excellent piece of equipment for a price you would not believe. For smaller shops or branch offices something to definitely check out!
  • VNX: Unisphere – Hands-on Workshop: If VNXe is not big enough for you, the new VNX series might be a good fit. In this lab you’ll play with Unisphere – a great and very simple way of managing your storage
  • VPLEX – Hands-on Workshop: The VPLEX is a great way to virtualize your storage. One to check out for sure!

Next to the hands-on labs, there will also be a wide choice of interesting sessions to attend. Some favorites of mine include:

  • EMC Avamar: Backup Built for VMware, Accelerates the Virtualization Journey: Avamar is a great performer with loads of abilities in virtual environments. The real kicker is that it also can do agent-based backups, so physical servers are also covered all in one product!
  • FCoE – Topologies, Protocol, and Limitations: FCoE is coming. Cisco UCS is a great example of the advantages FCoE can bring you. One to check out for sure.
  • Managing Storage – Trends, Challenges, Options in 2011 – 2012: Storage and virtualization are fusing. Being able to manage storage in an easier way is a road to that fusion!
  • Top Challenges of Secured Virtualization: Security is so often forgotten in virtualized environments. Now that cloud computing is getting real, one important question pops up: What about security?
  • Best Practices For Replicating VMware ESX Server Environments: How to get the most out of replicating virtual environments. VMware SRM being the ultimate next-step after replication is a fact.
  • EMC PowerPath and PowerPath/VE Best Practices for the Virtual Ecosystem: Powerpath is a highly effective multipathing solution. Especially in virtualized environments Powerpath can help uping throughput and reliability.
  • Managing Your Vblock Infrastructure Five Times Faster and 80 Percent More Efficiently Using Ionix Unified Infrastructure Manager: Vblocks are cool. Learn how to get the most out of them with least effort.
  • VNX Storage Efficiencies – What, Why, and When: The new VNX series are cool. Learn why!
  • VNX FAST – Optimizing Capacity and Utilization of Virtual Pools: Auto tiering is here. Learn how FAST helps to up your performance by storing heavy utilized data on SSD while storing (all that!) data hardly utilized on lower tiers like NL-SAS.
  • VNX FAST Cache – Turbo-Charge Your VNX with the Industry’s Leading Flash-enabled Extended Cache: Simply put, add SSD drives to create a second tier in the cache of your array.
  • Deploying Virtual Desktops (VDI) on EMC VNX Unified Next Gen Systems: Possibly the item discussed the most: VDI and what storage to choose underneath. I can’t get enough of this topic (as you may have noticed)
  • VNXe Platform Overview and VNXe: Simple Wizard-based Management for Departments and SMB: The VNXe is a great and very affordable solution for smaller shops. Be sure to check out this series from EMC if you do want to have shared storage but you cannot (could not!) afford it.
  • What’s New: EMC Unified Storage (VNX and VNXe) and VMware vSphere: This one speaks for itself. Find out about the current level of VMware integration.
  • VMware vSphere 4.1 – What’s New for Storage: EMC is embracing virtualization, and virtualization is embracing storage. The way to go if you ask me.

Join EMC world 2011 if you dare >:-)

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