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Dusting off ye olde blog site

Wow that was LOADS OF DUST.

Hi to anyone who might still be lurking here! After many years of blogging on, at some point I ran out of capabilities and time to do all of these techie/nerdy things and blog about it. Even though I had tons of fun building out all of this stuff, at some point this blog site died a slow death. Move along, nothing to see here…


With me recently moving into a new roll within Dell Technologies, I once again have access to a lab, and even better… I am given time to play around with all kinds of nerdy stuff! So yes: There will be a jumpstart where I will start blogging again! It won’t be, as that name has served its purpose for many years when I dissected the world of Virtual Machines (VMware Virtual Machines specifically). As the world has progressed since then, the tip of the spear today lies in the world of Containers… And you say Containers today you say Kubernetes. So guess what will be “coming next”…!!


Soon to come
  • Coming soon

    • Determining Linked Clone overhead
    • Designing the Future part1: Server-Storage fusion
    • Whiteboxing part 4: Networking your homelab
    • Deduplication: Great or greatly overrated?
    • Roads and routes
    • Stretching a VMware cluster and "sidedness"
    • Stretching VMware clusters - what noone tells you
    • VMware vSAN: What is it?
    • VMware snapshots explained
    • Whiteboxing part 3b: Using Nexenta for your homelab
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