Great VMworld TV and EMC Netherlands raffle!

It’s that time again. VMworld Barcelona is around the corner. And this time, VMworld TV and EMC Netherlands have a great raffle!

What can you win?

Possibly you can become immortal because VMworldTV might put you on video! What could be better than this??? And ow yeah, you can also win an Iomega IX2 NAS device 🙂

Iomega IX-2 NAS device

How to participate

To participate, you have to do three things:

  1. Take a photograph of yourself at/in/under/on top of the EMC stand at VMworld Barcelona (stand D207 or DD2) and place it on the timeline of the facebook page of VMworldTV;
  2. Like VMworldTV’s facebook page;
  3. Like EMC Netherlands facebook page;

… And you’re IN! Best of luck to all!

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