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Throughput part 2: RAID types and segment sizes

In part one I covered all stuff you can think of in regards to delays and latencies you encounter on physical disk drives and solid states. Now it is time to see how we can string together multiple drives in order to get the performance and storage space we actually require. I’ll discuss RAID types, number of disks in such a RAID set, segment sizes to optimize your storage for particular needs and so on.

–> For those of you who haven’t read part 1 yet: Thoughput Part1: The Basics

A short intro to RAID types

Now finally it is on to the stringing together of disks. More disks is more space, more performance, right? Yes right – sometimes. I am not zooming in too deep on the RAID types. I assume you have some knowledge on different types of RAID, mainly RAID1, RAID10 and RAID5. All that I’ll say about it: Read the rest of this entry »

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