VMware and EMC join forces by introducing the Cloud Readiness Flight Check

The cloud vision of both VMware and EMC are very much aligned. Nothing new here. What is new, is that both VMware and EMC have now joined forces by delivering the “Cloud Readiness flight check”, a quick but effective way of giving businesses a quick view into their own cloud readiness.

The history of Cloud Readiness

Started some time ago, EMC introduced the “Cloud Readiness Accelerator” program. This program consists of a 2 day workshop, in which a total of nine facets of cloud readiness is discussed with the customer. EMC then produces a report based on these discussions, showing in detail where a company stands today, and where it wants to be a few years from now in their development toward Cloud.

This workshop called “CRA” for short, is becoming a huge success. Part of this success is the fact that no vendor-specific products are addressed during this CRA, but only vendor agnostic technologies and solutions are being discussed. The output is a very detailed report, once again completely vendor agnostic.

Recently EMC and VMware joined forces to launch a “CRA-light” online at www.cloudflightcheck.com.

The Cloud Flight Check

When a customer visits the Cloud Flight Check, a set of 20 questions are shown. Each of these questions is pretty well stated, and not too hard to answer at all.

When the you have answered all 20 questions, you get a cool overview of your cloud readiness, which looks something like this:

The Cloud Readiness Radar gives a cool overview of your current status in your journey to the cloud.

But this is just the “teaser of the teaser”! AS you can see it focusses on four facets (where the CRA covers nine). If you choose, you can download a more detailed report. This report will give you quite a detailed view on where your company is today in regards to cloud readiness, and how you could improve to become completely Cloud Ready!!

Back to the CRA

This more detailed report is actually the teaser for the full Cloud Readiness Accelerator. If the Cloud Readiness Flight Check made you hungry for more, just contact EMC to schedule your very own CRA, free of charge!

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