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Honored to be awarded vExpert for 2013 !

vExpert 2011-2012-2013

I just got word that I am selected to be vExpert for the year 2013. This is my third year being a vExpert, and I hope to add many more! You can find the list here: vExperts 2013 awardees announced

With that, I feel that I must make a promise to pick up blog posting again. I have a new and shiny homelab, and I have been aching to do more cool deepdive stuff as well as some revisiting (for example – Performance impact when using VMware snapshots is dieing for a revisiting on vSphere 5.1 and vSphere .next – but a lot of work).

Thank you all for reading – hoping to add more cool stuff soon!

Made it into the vExpert realms for the 2nd year

The official word is out: The vExperts of 2012 are being announced. Having been a vExpert for 2011, I know what great people make up the vExpert group. When I found my name on the vExpert 2012 list, I felt honored to be part of this group once again! I will continue to evangelize VMware like I have been doing the past years.

Since I became a vSpecialist working for EMC I have had less time and less access to cool hardware to perform the technical deep dives I love to do so much. I will work hard to put up more of these in the near future! I think I should raid Chad’s garage or basement to see if I can dig up some cool hardware to use this year. For example, the “Performance impact when using VMware snapshots” is something way overdue for a revisit under vSphere 5.0 or 5.1 .

vExpert 2012! Thanks to all for your support!

Thanks all for your support!

Soon to come
  • Coming soon

    • Determining Linked Clone overhead
    • Designing the Future part1: Server-Storage fusion
    • Whiteboxing part 4: Networking your homelab
    • Deduplication: Great or greatly overrated?
    • Roads and routes
    • Stretching a VMware cluster and "sidedness"
    • Stretching VMware clusters - what noone tells you
    • VMware vSAN: What is it?
    • VMware snapshots explained
    • Whiteboxing part 3b: Using Nexenta for your homelab
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