Dutch VMUGgers: Get your free shirt @VMWorld Copenhagen!

For the past few weeks EMC, VMware and the Dutch VMUG have been planning this: Free T-shirts for all dutch visitors of VMworld!

We printed 200 shirts, I think they came out very nice! I have the honor to show the first sneak-preview of the shirts:

Dutch VMUG t-Shirts for VMworld Copenhagen

Imagine this: We will be able to recognize our fellow Dutch visitors to VMworld Copenhagen just by their shirts! This is surely going to be a hit. The text on the shirt is “The Dutch VMUG Crowd….Rulez the Cloud!” so I propose to do just that this year at VMworld.

You can get your free shirt at these events/locations:

  • During the “VMUG Borrel” at Sunday evening;
  • At one of the vSpecialists on the EMC stand on the VMworld Solutions Exchange, recognizable by their black&blue bowling shirts.

On top of that, you can win a Storcenter ix2-200 Cloud Edition! Even better, there are TWO of these to be given away! How do you qualify for winning? That one is simple. You either:

  • Wear the Shirt at VMworld 2011 in Copenhagen. Maybe you’ll be photographed wearing this shirt by our secret photographer (no it is not going to be me). If you do, you could win one of these great little storage boxes;
  • OR take the most original picture you can possibly take of yourself wearing this shirt, and mail this picture to viktor@vmug.nl or twitter your photo mentioning “@dutchvmug”.

For more details check out Dutch VMUG activiteiten @ VMworld – Kom je ook?

There is one “but”: We only have 200 shirts. If we are out, we are out. So make sure to get one as soon as you have the chance!

Don’t miss out!

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