VMworld 2012: Public voting for sessions started!

Another year of cool VMware stuff. Another year of cool VMworld sessions. Public voting has started!

This year I put in a session as well: session number 1659: “The importance of sizing storage correctly for VDI projects: Big impact, big results”

In this session I will be dealing with the load that VDI solutions generate. Then I will focus on how you can optimize storage accordingly. How does it sound to run 1000 View linked clone desktops from 15x 15K drives and just two SSD drives? Too good to be true? I will be deep-diving in the performance math around storage and show you how this actually can be achieved.

This is the official entry:

Track: End User Computing
Topic: Desktop Virtualization

Title: The importance of sizing storage correctly for VDI projects: Big impact, big results.

Sizing VDI workloads continues to be underestimated. Very often Proof of Concepts show very different results than anticipated – the numbers just don’t seem to add up. This presentation will shed some light on what exactly is going on in VDI workloads that make them very difficult to size in advance. Attending this session will help you understand the details that connect the dots between virtual desktop linked clones and storage performance, and learn how architects can do better sizing of storage for View environments, allowing for more affordable designs that get the most out of the infrastructure. This presentation focuses on this sizing of View environments using real-world customer examples.

This session will focus on the desktop image and the load it generates. After this becomes clear, the migration from a single desktop workload to a linked clone scenario will be covered. Finally, some storage features will be mentioned that can help solving the issues around this particular workload.

Top 3 session takeaways

  • Learn from 3D graphs what a vDesktop workload looks like;
  • Understand how linked clones impact and improve this workload;
  • Learn how you can do a better sizing for VDI workloads.

If you would like me to present this session at both VMworlds, please go to the www.vmworld.com voting website, filter on “zandboer” and vote for my session:

VMworld 2012 sessions voting: Sessions for Erik Zandboer

I would be honored if I am allowed to present this session!

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